Moloch on Starknet is a MVP, implementing most of Moloch V2 features, adding new functionalities and running on Starknet.

It has been designed in order to facilitate a roll-out in a Corporate environnement, with the ability to:

  • Onboard end-users who are not crypto-natives, leveraging on Wallets implementing social recovery features

  • Fine-tune the proposals management and the voting rules in order to be able to (i) enforce externally defined criterias (e.g. membership) (ii) set-up the right set of parameters to align voting rights & accountability (e.g. whitelisting)

Alpha Version fits Quadratic internal Use Case (setup of an Employees profit sharing fund), is under development and will be rolled-out at Starknet regenesis.

This documentation is WIP and is continuously updated as the MVP is being developed.

Smart Contracts will be ported to Cairo 1.0.

For a comprehensive description of the Moloch DAO Framework see Moloch V1 Github, Moloch V2 Github and Moloch V3 Github

Why a port of Moloch V2 on Starknet ?

Understand our Use Case, why we use Moloch V2 and run on Starknet, which aditionnal features we want to introduce

👹pageMoloch overview

Want to deep dive a little bit ?

Explore the features we are developing, the Cairo Smart Contracts & the indexing functionalities and have a first glance at the UI

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