♦️Ragequit & Guildkick


The Ragequit feature is a key concept in the DAO architecture. It allows any member to withdraw their prorata shares of the Treasury against the burnt of his/her shares & loots.

A member can ragequit if he/she has shares or loots and did not vote Yes on a proposal that is currently in Grace Period.

From an operational & economic standpoint, it allows close to zero exit-costs, as leaving the DAO is immediatly enforceable and only cost transactions fees.

From a security standpoint, it ensures a strong protection of minor shareholders from 51% attacks (link). If a 51% attack occurs, the minor shareholders can leave the DAO with all their owned assets during the Grace Period, before the proposal become enforceable.

Finally, it ensures that malicious/non-cooperative behaviors do not have any impact on the cooperative members. If a member who voted Yes, his/her decision has an impact on the future DAO state, thus he/she is not able to exit.


The Guildkick feature allows the DAO to exclude a member from the DAO for any reason (non-cooperative behavior, legal & compliance...).

As the Guildkick is a proposal, it can be:

  • Restricted to admins, who are able to enforce the proposal

  • Open to all members, who have to pass the proposal

When the Guildkick is processed, the shares of the excluded member are burned and he/she receives an equivalent amount of loots.

An excluded member has still access to his rights on the Treasury assets, thus able to Ragequit.

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