Why a port of Moloch V2

Security and reliability are at a prime for venture DAOs, even more so in a corporate environment. In assessing existing frameworks, we found Moloch V2 to be particularly appealing in that respect.

For one, it has been battle tested for years with more than 700 DAOs using it. We are leveraging part of that experience, standing on the shoulders of a giant. In particular, we are porting the ragequit mecanism, a pillar for the security of individuals who can opt out at anytime if they so wish.

Moreover, Moloch V2 has deliberately aimed for a minimalist design and this suits us well. Indeed, our DAO is to be configured in a novel way to meet our corporate requirements, demanding the addition of new features. Moloch V2's simplicity lowers the risks of regressions or side effects while ajusting its functionnalities.

Finally, Moloch V2 already covers most of the basic needs of any venture DAO. Such an organisation must rely on governance rules to manage both its members and its funds, while protecting them not only from the outside, but also from potentially malicious internal activities. Moloch V2 provides such bricks that are crucial to our DAO.

Going further:

Very much like Moloch V3 did with Moloch V2, we may add further functionnalities on top of existing ones once the MVP is live. Such new functionnalities might include (i) tokenization of shares, (ii) ability to interact with AMMs or (iii) a multisig contract to manage the Treasury.

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