👹Moloch overview

Moloch V1

Moloch is an open-source DAO framework, originally designed to manage Grants: when new members join the DAO they receive non transferable shares in exchange of wETH allocated to the DAO treasury. Shares represent voting rights on proposals (mainly membership applications and grants allocations).

For further information, see Moloch V1 Github

Moloch V2

Based on the same principles, Moloch V2 has extended this initial set of functionalities to allow the roll-out of for Profit DAOs able invest in an unlimited portfolio of assets. The V2 upgrade mainly included multi-Token support, the possibility to expel a member and non-voting shares issuance.

Moloch V2 has been forked >250 times and is used by entities such as The LAO, Metacartel Ventures or Raid Guild. Following the release Moloch V2, the possibility to interact with external Smart Contracts, (e.g. Gnosis Safe, AMMs) has been introduced with Moloch Minions.

Leveraging on Moloch V2 and Moloch Minions, DAOHaus setup a plaftorm to easily deploy Moloch based DAOs (approx. 700 DAOs launched through DAOHaus to date).

For further information, see Moloch V2 Github, DAOhaus

Moloch V3

Moloch V3 which has been released in February 2022, introduces more flexibility in the DAO configuration, roles, tokenization of the shares, and the ability to interact with external Smart Contracts.

For further information, see Moloch V3 Github (Moloch mystics), Moloch V3 documentation (DAOhaus fork)

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