⚖️Vote & Delegation

Voting mechanisms

The number of voting rights is relative to the number of shares of the member.

Thus, each member has a voting weight, i.e his/her number of shares divided by the total number of shares in the DAO.

The voting weight has an indicative purpose and does not correspond to the effective voting weight. For example, if a proposal is set to "Only Admins can vote", then a member will not have any voting weight for this proposal.

Shares are "minted" or "burned" during all the DAO lifecycle.

For example, if a member receives shares when he/she is onboarded, then new shares are minted, diluting the voting weight of the other members. If the member leaves the DAO, his/her shares are burned and he/she receives loots.

A share is one right on Treasuy assets & one voting right.

A loot is one right on Treasury assets without voting right.


A member is able to delegate his/her voting weight to any other member.

For example, if someone has several addresses within the DAO, he/she can vote with a single address.

Another use-case is if a member is not able to participate for a certain period of time and want to delegate his/her rights to a trusted person.

The delegation can be revoked at any time by the member.

Currently, the delegation is only authorized between members who have the same role.

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