🏦Our Use Case

We aim to implement a profit sharing fund for Quadratic Employees with the following features:

  • The firm is allocating a part of its profits or investments to the fund, following a classical incentivization scheme

  • The shares of the fund are allocated to our Employees accordingly to peer-to-peer assessment ; we introduce peer-to-peer assesment mecanisms in order to mitigate the biases involved by top down management assessment

  • The investments made by the fund are decided by the Employees through the vote of proposals

  • Functions potentially involving the accountability of the firm are triggered by the Admins of the fund (e.g. whitelisting of assets tradables by the fund)

  • Employees can redeem their shares at any time

The roll-out of this fund is scheduled for Q2 2023, based on the results of fiscal year 2022.

The technical implementation of these features relies on a DAO Framework in order to:

  • Leverage on Decentralized Governance features

  • Benefit from the liquidity of Crypto-assets to ensure a seamless exit procedure

More generally, this MVP is a Test & Learn approach to pave the way to implementing DAO schemes that can be rolled-out in Corporates environnements.

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