Your Member profile

The "My Profile" page allows to manage & monitor your membership in the DAO.
Several indicators are currently available :
  • My Profile : your address, role, voting weight and the voter address of your voting right (see Section "The voting right Delegation)
  • My Balances : the available amount you can redeem by using the "Ragequit" function, the prorata shares of Treasury you own and your Shares & Loots
  • My Token Balances : the current amount of tokens and their values in the Treasury according to the prorata shares of Treasury you own

The voting right Delegation

The Delegate function (
button) allows to delegate all your voting weight to another address. It can be useful if you have several addresses within the DAO or you are not able to participate for a certain period of time and want to delegate your rights to a trusted person.
By default, the voter address is your own address until you delegate it. The delegation can be revoked at any time by using the Revoke function (
Currently, the delegation is only authorized between members who have the same role.